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Emelkon Co. is an apparel trading company based in Gerakas, Athens, specialized in sportswear, casual wear, athletic accessories and sports gear.


We design and produce Magnetic North premium athletic apparel and performance gear. Based on sustainable and top quality fabric and materials, we apply the industry leading technology so Magnetic North clothing experience will meet comfort and confidence to the maximum.

Yet, our services expand beyond producing our own brand, we provide fully featured Private Label and Customization Services and work diligently to achieve our clients' vision by meeting their needs and deliver a final product that exceeds their expectations.

Our philosophy is to develop innovative and diverse clothing with respect to each individual's needs and desires using sustainable materials that make up an ethical wardrobe and lifestyle. 


Magnetic North apparel traces its origin in adventure. From daily tasks to more complex outsets, our brand sustains people who aspire to challenge themselves and never compromise. 


To stay active and pursue conquests in both urban and suburban settings is a longstanding commitment that Magnetic North clothes has made. Our goal is to design and produce clothing that expands potential and limits, still keeping the simple and authentic look as our foundation.


Premium fabric technology, high-end design team, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment are always at the forefront of the brand's product line. We undertake to build up strength and break boundaries.

Private Label & Customization Services

We develop and produce customized solutions to create your own brand apparel or one time event apparel. Our services focus in developing clothes for athletic teams, schools, running events and organizations.


From your initial consultation and vision, to design items, size grading and prototype building, we will guide you through each step and work diligently to achieve your vision. We maintain an ongoing production inspection and thus we deliver strictly optimal quality products fufilling beyound your expectations.


Our wide experience and flexibility in the textile industry as manufacturers and importers facilitates us to comprehend our customers’ needs  and distribute the goods in the most competitive prices.

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